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Second Opinons Always Welcome

January 30, 2013

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Modern dentistry is a great thing.  We can offer so many solutions to common dental problems.  The treatment variations can seem overwhelming, or perhaps patients don’t know what choices and alternatives are available to them.  One Goal of the “dental profession” is to save teeth, and many of the things we do are with this endpoint in mind.  But, there comes a time when trying to save a tooth is longer feasible, possible, or practical.

Bobbie, who works here at Dental Designs, has a friend who was having an ongoing issue with a tooth, and with the treatment being offered by her dental office.  She asked Bobbie for her ‘dental opinion’.  Believe me, we get these every week when we are ‘out of the office’.  It is like asking a stock broker for tips at the neighborhood party!

Well, Bobbie’s friend had been seeing the same dentist for a while, and things were just not resolving with a tooth attached to a bridge.  Bobbie, having having worked with us for over 3 years, knows our practice philosophy and knows Dr. Braga, our periodontist, and I would be more than happy to give her friend a complimentary second opinion.  Bobbie knows a lot about dentistry, and could tell that her friends proposed treatment would not be the best case scenario.  So, her friend came to see us this month.

In this friend’s case, things weren’t working and it was time to see what else could be done.  She explained to us what her current dentist proposed, what had taken place over the last 1 year, and why she was feeling frustrated as a patient.  She likes her dentist, and trusts him as well, but she wasn’t getting a resolution to her problem.  I am glad she came to see us, because I think we found an answer for her that will make a world of difference.  Even though her dentist’s proposal was good, Bobbie’s friend just needed to see ‘what else I can do’.

My philosophy, and Dr. Braga would agree, is that we want to provide you with an honest opinion, treatment options, and any information you need to make an informed decision.  Remember, as the patient you should be taking part in a dialogue with your caregiver about your health.  There are no silly questions.  We undertake hours of training and updating to be able to be the pathway for you the patient to make choices.

And, just so you know, I completely understand when patients want to go to another office to get a second opinion.  I feel like if a patient is not happy with my solutions, then they need to find someone who can help them. I tell them, when they see another dentist, don’t tell them what my treatment is.  Rather, see if their plan of action is the same or different. Sometimes, when we dentists hear what another dentist will or won’t do, it can cloud opinions or form judgements without knowing the whole story.  Rather, present your case from your point of view, and see what happens.  This is exactly how Bobbie’s friend came to us.

I am also happy to report that patients have come back from getting a second opinion and tell me, “Gee Dr. Shetty, they didn’t give me as many options as you did”, or “That other office said the same things you guys did”.  Either way, I feel great.  Not every dentist will see eye to eye on every case, but they should be able to give you options.

So, if you or someone you know has questions about their dental health, or treatment, please give us a call for a complimentary second opinion.

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