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About Our Dental Office in Merrimack, NH

Are you tired of waiting weeks to get an appointment, then spending endless hours in a crowded 'waiting area' just to be seen by a rushed doctor who is impersonal? Not at Dental Designs of New England where a better dental experience awaits you.

Modern Dentistry with a Gentle Touch begins when you make your first phone call or email to us. We believe in prompt attention to your needs. When you come to our office, we've designed the reception room for your comfort. (Notice we don't have a 'waiting room'). Many people come early to enjoy a coffee, tea or snack before their appointment. We all have busy lives, and when you make an appointment, it is YOUR TIME with us. You won't find us running hours behind schedule, or keeping you waiting with no answer because of demands from HMOs to herd patients in and out of the chair.

Dental care is personal, one on one. Your insurance company shouldn't dictate which dentist you can see, and what you can and can’t have done. We relentlessly pursue the latest technology and advanced methods that help us deliver top-quality care. Below you will find some of the latest in ‘dental’ technology that we offer, as well as the ‘amenities’ that make coming to the office just that much easier. I continue to take advanced training in general and cosmetic dentistry, so I can offer modern services like Six Month Smiles™ braces,Invisalign® clear braces, veneers, smiles makeovers, tooth colored fillings and Deep Bleaching™.

Our state-of-the-art office in Merrimack has been designed to help us help you. As a patient in our practice, you can expect contemporary treatments in a friendly, service-oriented environment. Check out some the technology that we use here in our office.

Dental Technology

NTI-tss – Does it seem like you’ve tried everything to get rid of your headaches, with no results? Have you been told you need a night-guard because you grind or clench your teeth?

The NTI-tss is a revolutionary, drug-free device that prevents the problem behind the headaches – chronic teeth grinding. With NTI-tss, you can say goodbye to tension headaches and hello to a healthier teeth.. Originally designed for migraine suffers who were looking for a drug-fee alternative therapy, the NTI-tss device is an FDA approved dental device. I use it instead of the big bulky ‘night-guards’ that don’t really stop your grinding or clenching habit. Why have a piece of plastic in your mouth that you grind thru and make holes? The NTI is designed to PREVENT grinding.

Dental Implants – These days, most dental offices offer dental implants – they’re the leading tooth-replacement solution. However, not all dental offices provide the specialized care of a periodontist, so you can receive all phases of implant treatment in one convenient location., I work directly with our periodontist Dr. Braga se we can give you the best possible results. Having the specialist come to our office means you don’t have to deal with different offices to have the treatment done.

Deep Bleaching – Maybe you tried some whitening product from the drugstore that took forever to work, was too messy to use, didn't stay on the teeth, or was just inconvenient. Perhaps you are thinking of going to the Mall kiosk because it is 'cheap'. Or maybe you tried a bleaching system at your dentists office but didn't get the results you were expecting. Deep Bleaching will blow away all your expectations of what whitening can do. Prepared to be AMAZED at the level of white that YOU can get with the newest techniques. This is WAY BEYOND your expectations!

Identafi 3000 – This state-of-the-art oral cancer detection device illuminates suspicious oral lesions and helps detect oral cancer in its earliest stages. Early detection and treatment are vital to arresting oral cancer and greatly improve the rate of survival for patients with this disease.

Digital X-Rays – The benefits of digital X-rays are seemingly endless – they expose our patients to 90% less radiation, they’re easier to reproduce, easier to transfer, and they’re safer for the environment. Incorporating digital radiography at our practice was a common-sense decision, and we’ve never looked back.

Digital Imaging – Digital imaging allows us to show you the potential results of specific treatments – before you commit to treatment. Digital imaging proves an extremely helpful resource for patients considering restorative or cosmetic dentistry. Using digital photographs you can see what we see, right on our computer screen. Seeing really is believing, and I believe when you can see your teeth and mouth, you become a better informed patient and together we decide the best treatments.

Digital Photography - Along with Digial Xrays and Imaging, we use photography to help document and treat cases. Why? Because more information that we can work with means better options, and ultimately, better results for patients.  Our patients also let us share their success stories with other patients or potential patients, so digital photography allows us to show before and after of actual cases.  Photography allows you the patient to be a informed, and active participant in your dental health care. We review your photos so you can see what we see.  A well informed patient is our optimal goal.

Soft-Tissue Lasers – Lasers have revolutionized dental treatments. Now, we can safely and efficiently perform soft-tissue grafts, cosmetic gum lifts, and other procedures in a single visit. Laser therapy is comfortable too, and most patients don’t require anesthesia during treatment or experience any down-time following treatment.

Comfort Amenities

TLC Zone – Sit back, relax, and before you know it your visit is done! With a great big TV right above you as we do all the work, going to the dentist has never been more fun! With wireless headphones, adults and kids can listen to music, watch a movie or TV show, bring your own DVD or play a PS3 game! Whatever you choose, you won't believe how quickly your appointment is finished!

Headphones – Music has proven an extremely helpful tool that inspires tranquility in our patients. With personal headphones, you can drown out ambient noise and focus on your favorite musical ensemble.

Aromatherapy – Clinical smells often create negative associations, and trust us, we dislike those smells as much as you do. Aromatherapy keeps our office smelling fresh, clean, and nothing like a dental office.

Complimentary Beverages – We encourage our patients to help themselves to our complimentary beverage bar, which includes bottled water, coffee, juice, and tea. Refresh your smile and your quench your thirst at the same time!

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