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Oral Surgery in Merrimack, NH

As a comprehensive dental office, we are able to offer many services to our patients -- and that includes providing oral surgery in Merrimack. Both Dr. Jini Shetty and Dr. Braga provide extractions and bone grafting procedures. As a periodontal specialist, Dr. Braga is also available for more complex extractions, as well as bone grafting, socket preservation, ridge recontouring, tooth exposure preceding orthodontic treatment, and dental implant placement for patients of all ages.

Dental Designs of New England is happy to be able to be able to offer these oral surgery services for patients of all ages. Keep reading to learn more about what we have to offer, then request an appointment today!

Our Oral Surgery Procedures

It is rare to find an excellent general dentist who is also qualified to perform your oral surgery needs. Getting a referral to an oral surgeon can be time consuming, and may require you to drive for many miles to receive the quality care you need. Fortunately for patients of Dental Designs of New England, our team is equipped to handle a number of surgeries right here in the comfort of our dental practice -- the place you already feel relaxed and at home.

The oral surgery procedures Dr. Shetty regularly performs include tooth extractions (including wisdom teeth) and bone grafting before dental implant placement.

A Qualified Periodontist for Your Needs

By partnering with Dr. Braga, a qualified periodontist for the Merrimack area, Dr. Shetty and the team at Dental Designs of New England can offer an even broader selection of oral surgeries. From dental implant placement to more complex bone grafting, socket preservation, ridge re-contouring, and tooth exposures for orthodontics, Dr. Braga provides the specialized care patients of all ages need from time to time.

Nervous? We’re Comfort-Focused

Many patients are nervous when it comes time to visit the dentist, especially if they need something more advanced, like an oral surgery. But if you find yourself quaking in your shoes thinking about an upcoming procedure, you should know that Dental Designs of New England is totally focused on patient comfort! It all begins with our comfort amenities, including aromatherapy, complimentary beverages, and our TLC zone, where you’ll find your favorite music, movies, and TV shows. But more than that, our investments in advanced technology ensure that we can provide the most comfortable and efficient care possible. Digital dentistry is quicker and easier that what you are used to, and our soft tissue laser zaps through excess tissue without the need for scalpels or stitches at all.

Outside Referrals

Above all, we want you to always receive the very best care. If the need should arise, we will not hesitate to refer patients to our oral surgeon colleagues for special cases. And if you ever have questions or concerns about any dental procedure that we recommend, please ask! Our team is always available to share information and educational materials with you, because we know the more you understand about your dental treatment plan, the wiser your decisions.

Who’s the Dentist Near Me Providing Oral Surgeries?

Do you have a question about an oral procedure? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dental Designs of New England! Request an appointment with the dentist in Merrimack today.

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