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Six Month Smiles

Straight teeth in six months? Unbelievable. NO, it is possible!

Many adults with crooked or widely spaced teeth want more attractive smiles but don’t know what to do. Do I wear braces for 2-3 years? Do I get a smile makeover? Do I do nothing and live with bad teeth?

Did you have braces when you were younger, only to find that with the passage of time, your teeth became crooked again? Did the spaces in your front teeth open up? Were you supposed to wear a retainer, and didn’t, and now your teeth are shifting?

With Six Month Braces, you can correct a variety of alignment issues, and have a perfectly straight smile in just six months!

You may be thinking, this sounds great, but will I have metal showing in my mouth for six months? No! Six Month Braces are nothing like traditional metal braces. Clear or tooth-colored brackets and wires allow you to straighten your teeth inconspicuously—in just six months! During your treatment, you visit our Merrimack office once a month so we can track your progress. Each visit is usually short and sweet. And at the end of your treatment, we offer complimentary take-home teeth whitening so you can show off your straight teeth.

How Does it Work?

Six Month Braces uses low forces to straighten just the teeth that show when you smile. No significant changes are made to your bite. This allows patients to achieve the desired result comfortably, quickly, and effectively.

Six Month Smiles are an easy, affordable, and fast alternative to traditional braces or veneers and crowns. And in many instances, a combination of Six Month Smiles, whitening, and 1 or 2 veneers is a more conservative option than a smile makeover!

Benefits of Six Month Smiles

With Six Month Braces, you can correct crooked, crowded, and widely spaced teeth. Most adults 15 years and older without significant bite problems are candidates for Six Month Braces. After a consultation, Dr. Shetty can determine whether this treatment or Invisalign will work best for your smile.

See Jamey’s Results:

Jamey is a personal trainer. He has seen the results of his clients getting into shape and the dramatic changes to their lives. Jamey is a good-looking young man but was concerned about his crowded front teeth. His mother used to say, “Jamey, you are so handsome, but do something about those front teeth.” Crowns or veneers would have been too aggressive to correct his crowding. Traditional braces would have taken years. Six Month Smiles was the answer. In just FOUR months, Jamey straightened his teeth.

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