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At the heart of our practice is Family. Your family is treated like our family. We want to make every child’s dental experience a positive one. Children bring joy and laughter to everyone, and we love to have children as patients. The best dental experiences are formed early and often. With regular care, your child will only have pleasant memories of ‘visiting the dentist.’ Visit our Merrimack office for your children’s dental visits.

Some Facts About Tooth Loss

Why do people lose their teeth?  The 3 causes are Cavities, Gum Disease or Bite problems.

Cavities: Did you know that enamel is the hardest substance in the body? But the natural bacteria that live in our mouths feed off the food we eat, creating acids that can destroy enamel. This is the first stage of a ‘cavity.’ Lucky for you, at our office here in the greater Nashua area, we can replace those cavities with ‘tooth colored’ fillings. Sometimes those cavities get really big. If that happens, we will recommend a dental crown to protect the tooth from further damage.

Gum Disease: Your mother always said, “See the dentist before it gets worse’. She knows what she is talking about. Gum disease is preventable, and treatable. Please see our “Periodontal” Services for more information.

Bite (occlusion) Issues: My bite is off, is this a problem? I am missing one or more teeth, what will happen? What are the causes of bite problems?

General Dentistry Treatments

When teeth are missing, your ‘bite’ can be affected because your remaining teeth must take on the additional load of the missing teeth. They have to work that much harder for chewing and eating. Missing teeth can change the shape of your face as well. Front teeth give your lips fullness, and back teeth keep the cheeks from looking sunken in. Sometimes bite problems are caused because the teeth don’t line up properly, even though you have all your teeth.

We offer solutions like dental implants, dental bridges or partial and full dentures to replace missing teeth. If your bite is off, orthodontics (like Invisalign and Six Month Smiles), teeth reshaping, restorations like crowns and fillings, or a combination of treatments may help.

I think I may grind my teeth, what can I do?

Teeth grinding can lead to tooth loss as well. What are your signs and symptoms?

Tired of the old–fashioned night-guards that are bulky, stinky, and really don’t help? The NTI device was originally designed to help migraine sufferers, and research has found that traditional night-guards do not stop your clenching and grinding habit. The NTI was designed to help you STOP the bad habits that can cause grinding. Learn more about headache prevention.

Many times, you can restore you worn out teeth, and protect them with an NTI guard.

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