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General Dentistry - Merrimack, NH

Keeping Teeth Clean & Healthy

At the heart of our practice is family. Your family is always treated like our family. We want to make every child’s dental experience a positive one. Children bring joy and laughter to everyone, and we love to have children as patients. With regular care, your child will only have pleasant memories of visiting the dentist.

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  • Patients of All Ages Welcome
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Some Facts About Tooth Loss

Patient covering his mouth

Why do people lose their teeth? The three primary causes are cavities, gum disease, and bite problems.

  • Cavities : Did you know that enamel is the hardest substance in the body? However, the natural bacteria that lives in our mouths feed on the food we eat, creating acids that can actually destroy enamel. This is the first stage of a cavity. Lucky for you, at our office here in the greater Nashua area, we can replace those cavities with tooth-colored fillings. Sometimes, cavities can get really big, and if that happens, we will recommend a dental crown to protect the tooth from further damage.
  • Gum Disease : Gum disease is very preventable and treatable. Please see our Periodontal Services page for more information.
  • Bite (occlusion) Issues : When teeth are missing, your bite can be affected because your remaining teeth must take on the additional load of the missing ones. They have to work that much harder for chewing and eating, which quickly wears them down. Sometimes, bite problems are caused because the teeth don’t line up properly, even though you have all of them.

General Dentistry Treatments

We offer solutions like dental implants, dental bridges, and partial and full dentures to replace missing teeth. If your bite is off, then orthodontics (like Invisalign® Clear Braces and Six Month Smiles®), teeth reshaping, restorations like crowns and fillings, or a combination of treatments can help.

Teeth grinding can lead to tooth loss as well. What are the warning signs that you may be a teeth grinder? See if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions below…

  • Do you have worn teeth, or are they getting shorter?
  • Are your top 6 teeth in front the same size? They shouldn’t be!
  • Do you have face, neck, or shoulder pain when you wake up? Do you feel rested or are you sore?
  • Do you clench your teeth when stressed?
  • Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Do you have to take Advil or Tylenol all day long for your head pain?
  • Do your teeth chip, or are your crowns and fillings breaking?

Many times, we can restore your worn out teeth and protect them with an NTI guard.

The NTI device was originally designed to help migraine sufferers. Now, we use it to help patients stop the bad habits that can cause grinding.

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