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Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Therapy in Merrimack

Your teeth contain several layers: the “white” outer protective enamel, a secondary “yellow” layer of sensitive dentin, and an inner “pink” pulp that is commonly referred to as the “nerve” of the tooth. A deep cavity, traumatic injury, or tooth fracture can make the tooth susceptible to bacterial infection, which can kill the pulp, stimulate increased blood flow, and create pressure within the tooth. This can cause severe tooth pain. If you see our office in the earliest stages of this condition, the tooth may be saved with a root canal therapy.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is done to save your tooth and get you out of pain.

Will Root Canal Therapy Hurt?

Not with today's advanced analgesics and technology. In fact, the entire process can be so comfortable that many patients doze off. Oftentimes, root canal therapy can be completed in a single appointment. We simply clean out the diseased components inside the roots fill it with a biologically-inert substance, and seal it from further infection. A few weeks later, we place a crown on the tooth for final protection and long-term maintenance. While some patients experience post-procedural soreness or slight tissue inflammation, these are controllable with over-the-counter analgesics. Follow-up care involves thorough home hygiene and regular dental visits for cleanings and checkups.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Some of these things can happen because of a new cavity that has gotten too big and close to the nerve. Sometimes the nerve dies, because a tooth has had repeated fillings or dental work and cannot take it anymore. Even a tooth that was never a problem in the past, can act up and need a root canal treatment.

Sometimes your tooth will hurt when it needs a root canal. Sometimes, you don’t know that anything is happening because the damage is being done under your bone and gums. Just because there is no pain doesn’t mean everything is okay. With regular checkups and X-rays, we can keep on eye on things and make sure problems don’t surprise you.

Experience Root Canal Therapy with a Gentle Touch

Call our Merrimack dental office today and reserve an appointment for yourself or a member of your family. Patients in the Merrimack, Nashua, Bedford, Hollis, Hudson, and Amherst areas rely on Dr. Shetty for comprehensive dental care and a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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