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What to Do If You Lose a Dental Crown

January 8, 2024

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person with lost dental crown covering mouth with hands

Dental crowns act as protective covers that encompass the entire visible part of a tooth, often used for severely damaged or decayed teeth beyond the scope of fillings. They also enhance the appearance of a tooth post-root canal treatment or address significant cosmetic issues. Despite their typical lifespan of about 15 years, dental crowns can still suffer damage or become dislodged. If you experience a lost dental crown, follow these three steps to manage the situation until your dentist can provide a solution.

Step #1: Contact Your Dentist

If a dental crown becomes loose, promptly reach out to your dentist. Provide a clear explanation of the issue, and they will assist in scheduling an appointment to address the situation. Moreover, they will offer instructions on interim care and provide advice to ensure your comfort until your appointment.

Step #2: Locate the Crown

After locating the dislodged crown, carefully store it in a plastic bag to protect it until your appointment. Remember to bring it with you when you see your dentist. They will evaluate whether it can be reattached. If not salvageable, they will discuss creating a replacement.

Step #3: Inspect Your Mouth

Inspect the site where the crown was located to check for any remaining pieces. Also, examine the underlying tooth for signs of damage like cracks or sharp edges, and assess your level of discomfort. Providing this information to your dentist will assist them in deciding if immediate treatment is required.

Step #4: Mitigate Discomfort and Prevent Damage

Alongside the advice from your dentist on the phone regarding preventing additional damage and maintaining comfort until your appointment, consider these supplementary measures to alleviate your situation in the interim:

  • Use dental wax Apply dental wax to shield your cheeks or tongue from any sharp edges in the vicinity where the crown is absent.
  • Chew carefully –Avoid eating until the tooth is repaired to minimize sensitivity and prevent food particles from becoming lodged. If eating is unavoidable prior to your dental appointment, chew cautiously on the opposite side of your mouth.
  • Replace your crown –If your dentist advises, reattach the crown; if not, place it in a clean, dry container and bring it to your appointment.
  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever – This step can ease discomfort or sensitivity. Applying an ice pack to the affected area in 10-minute intervals can also diminish swelling.
  • Rinse – Combine half a teaspoon of salt with warm water for a mouth rinse. This aids in infection prevention and pain relief.

Thankfully, occurrences of lost dental crowns are rare. Should you find yourself in this situation, follow the outlined steps to resolve it. Your dentist will swiftly schedule a repair, ensuring your smile is promptly restored!

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