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The Root Canal Merrimack is Comfortable With

November 12, 2015

root canal

If you’ve ever had a toothache then you know that the pain can be almost unbearable. And if you’ve never had a toothache, then you can be thankful. Patients of Dr. Shetty at Dental Designs of New England can be even more thankful for her expertise and gentle touch when performing root canal therapy. A root canal is the treatment you may require if you have an infected tooth, often a source of tremendous pain.

How does a tooth become infected? When bacteria that is normally blocked from entering the interior of a tooth gains access—whether by way of severe tooth decay or serious injury—then infection begins to develop. Consider the structure of a tooth: the exterior is covered by enamel, the hardest material in the entire body. Inside of that is dentin, a softer and more sensitive composition. And in the center of every tooth is a pulp chamber that leads to root canals. The pulp chamber contains lymph and nerve tissue, as well as blood vessels. Infection irritates these sensitive tissues, causing inflammation, swelling and pain. To remove the infection and preserve the tooth, the family dentist 03054 residents trust will likely recommend root canal therapy.

The Root Canal Procedure

The first thing we want to say about this procedure is that it’s probably not as bad as you think. In fact, thanks to modern anesthesia and dental technology, a root canal is hardly any more uncomfortable or difficult than having a cavity filled. First, Dr. Shetty administers a local anesthetic to the tooth and surrounding gum tissue. Then, she gently drills an access hole into your infected tooth’s pulp chamber. The contents of the chamber as well as the attached root canals is cleaned out and disinfected. A biocompatible substance is used to fill the chamber and roots, and finally the chamber is carefully sealed in order to prevent any further infection.

Dr. Shetty will allow your tooth to heal for a few weeks and then you’ll return to the general dentist 03054 residents turn to for comprehensive dentistry for a dental crown. This crown protects the tooth and ensures its ability to function normally when you chew and bite down.

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If you are experiencing pain, swelling or see a tooth that is newly discolored, then don’t delay having root canal treatment. An infected tooth can be a serious health threat that may lead to an abscess and spreading infection. Dr. Shetty and the staff at Dental Designs of New England are here to help you. We serve patients in Merrimack, NH, as well as the surrounding areas of Nashua, Bedford, Hollis, Hudson, and Amherst.

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